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Gandhi Ave, Nairobi

Gandhi Ave, Nairobi


The Nairobi West Hospital.

HealthCare at it’s Best

Millions of patients from all walks of life trust us with their lives each year. That’s why we put out patients at the heart of everything we do by standing united in our vision of maintain our status as an affordable, accessible, optimal quality healthcare provider that surpasses international standards.


The hospital was founded in the 1980s with the foundation of humanity first. Genuine service to humanity should be the motive to every business’ interests.Providing affordable optimum healthcare that is unmatched has been our driving force since inception.

We have thrived with the community through Kenya’s best and darkest days. Our first clients have witnessed the hospital grow and develop into an accessible service center.The Nairobi West Hospital not only serves those in Kenya as we often have international patients come to seek treatment at the facility.


We now offer Kidney Transplant Surgery. With our team of experienced doctors and surgeons, we strive for success.Contact us on 0780800077 to book a free consultation.#