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Nairobi West Hospital Ready To Roll Out Covid-19 Vaccination

13 Nov

Nairobi West Hospital Ready To Roll Out Covid-19 Vaccination

The Nairobi West Hospital is ready to roll-out Covid-19 vaccination upon getting clearance from the national government.

The hospital Director of Medical Services Dr. Andrew Gachie says the institution needs government direction on how and when to start importation and use of the vaccines.

The Ministry of Health is also expected to develop a guideline and regulations that will inform the protocols to be used in rolling out the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

The Kenya government has in the past few weeks ordered millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the consignment is expected to start arriving in the country from early February.

“We are ready like yesterday to roll-out, but as a government compliant institution, we have to wait for directives, maybe in a few weeks. But generally, we have a lot of hope,” Dr Gachii said in readiness for the vaccination drive aimed at curbing the rising cases of infections.

Last week the ministry of health said they had raised KSh19.7 billion through Gavi-Covax, and were waiting for more funds from the World Bank and exchequer to bring in a substantial amount of vaccine that would help cover at least 40 per cent of Kenya’s population.

The hospital announcement on its preparedness on vaccination comes in the wake their constant improvisation in Covid management. Starting from COVID PCR testing to Covid asymptomatic patient Home care services to adding RAPID ANTIGEN testing to now its recent use of a new technology of releasing COVID –19 PCR test results within four hours. Providing PCR result in 4 hours is really a great advantage for Tourists coming out of Kenya Says TNWH Director Operation Ashok Mehta, He further adds that we are committed to get latest Medical technology to Kenya not only for COVID for other Medical treatment as well and that stand with the vision to provide affordable quality healthcare to all

Dr. Andrew Gachii is the Director of Medical Services at The Nairobi West Hospital

NWH is the only facility giving COVID-19 PCR results in four hours so for travellers this is a big advantage. Any person planning to travel out of the country, be it on a schedule or an emergency, can obtain their test results within at least four hours,” said NWH Director Operations Ashok Mehta.

While the economy is gradually opening up, there is also an increase in movement in and out of the country, which is a risk factor from the super spreading of coronavirus. Initially, most people have missed travelling opportunities due to lack of COVID-19 test results.

“Obtaining these test results in a short period of time is convenient to many, especially those going on an emergency visit. This has also progressively reduced anxiety, built more confidence and provided a platform where a patient is able to receive immediate treatment and isolation or home care, protecting the spread of the virus,” said Ashok

Since the introduction of fast-track COVID-19 testing, the hospital has been receiving at least 350 people daily at their authorized PCR COVID-19 testing laboratories, who leave with their verified travellers COVID-19 certificates from their test results and the Trusted Travel codes on the same day.

In a statement by Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe, the digital verification codes will ensure the integrity of presented certificates, which until yesterday were presented on printed paper and were susceptible to forgery.

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